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The role of an accountant has evolved over the past twenty years from the person who simply does your tax returns or balances your checkbook to a true trusted business advisor. When establishing your new business or making plans to expand your current business your accountant should be helping you answer the following questions:

  • Do I have the best business entity form in place for my specific circumstances?
  • Have I identified all tax credits and incentives that may be available for starting or growing my business?
  • Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to lower your tax liability through proper benefit and retirement planning?
  • What is my Return on Investment (ROI) for the marketing dollars I am spending on internet marketing such as Google AdWords?

If you are not discussing these issues with your accountant or feel your business may have grown beyond your accountants capabilities, complete the form below and let us match you up with one of our strategic accounting partners that fits your profile.

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